Welcome to PinAction.net,

Years ago, I created a php/javascript with mysql db script to help my friends and I track our bowling games.  Nearly 10 years later, I found time to update the scripts to ASP.NET 4.0.

Things are still a little buggy but you are more then welcome to give it a try.  Report any bugs found.
Script originally was designed to track five players.  Best if each bowls three games a day.

If you are starting out, I recommend reading this short 10 page pamplet.  It will help you understand some fundamentals of the game and start you off on the right path.  The pamplet maybe old, but fundamentals are fundamentals.



  • Add users to bowling group
  • Users can search and join a group 
  • Light group management
  • Quick score entry online
  • Tablet mode score entry (works well with smartphones too)
  • View game cards
  • Edit game cards
  • Personal and Group stats broken down by group, day, and week
  • I'm a stats guy, so lots of stats
  • Ability to share individual games.
  • Ball selection at account creation and update
  • User account all time high series
  • User account all time high x number of times
  • Facebook, Twitter, and email sharing
  • Ability to make group(s) public

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